Coating auxiliary agent series


Product Model Characteristic Application
free TDI sealant P-818 maintains the assay of free TDI, improves the capacity of yellow stain for free TDI curing agents and for trimer fast dry curing agents
trimer curing agent catalyst P-838 improves the crosslinking of polymers, activate the catalysts for fast dry curing agents
trimer curing agent initiators P-868 speeds the polyreaction, protects polymers from oxidation for fast dry curing agent
reaction termination agent P-808 controls the self-polymerization reaction, catches free radicals, stops the reaction termination agent

other series

Product Model Characteristic Application
dryer T-12 speed the crosslinking rate of NCO and OH and dry speed paint, coating, Ph foam, foam
dehydrating agent BF-5 react with water or active hydrogen molecule remove the moisture, it can provent the hard and expand of curing agent and floor oil
anti-yellow agent for nitro cotton PNC-1 restrain the yello speed of nitro cotton and corrosion of tin ised in nitro cotton product, such as nitro paint, primer, putty
smell covering agent ZV1101 remove the smell of solvent coating and daily commodity
BYK disperse ,flow level,flow foam, wetting agent for coating

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